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Smart Platform is designed to get the most of the Mobile Marketing.

Its management interface, simple and perceptive, allows to create independently, digital content 100% Mobile-friendly and personalize them according to the marketing goals that you wish to get: from the simple advert to the achievement of new contacts, from the profiling of your customer base up to the selling from smartphone.


Promoting a Brand, knowing the user’s opinion, convert simple visitors into clients, selling directly from smartphone? Yes you can!

Thanks to Smart Platform, is possible to create some Mobile Page (Landing Page 100% Mobile-Friendly), functional for any purpose, the best tool to reach the client and to communicate in a fast and intensive way in the era of smartphones.

Simple to make with an exclusive design, the Mobile Page, create by Smart, are optimized for all devices and designed to get the best results: leading the user towards the expected and best results, without dispersions, increasing the conversion rate of each campaign.


Digital Brochure is the innovative solution that allows the creation of digital stories from smartphones with an horizontal swipe effect that creates excitement and engagement. With Digital Brochure is possible to make, independently, Branding campaigns, presentation of products and services and Visual Storytelling to promote directly online, to share them through Social or via Sms.

Digital Brochure is designed to get the perfect view from the smartphone, also working from any device. The purpose is to talk about a product/service, combining aesthetic elements, using your content and benefiting from the power of spreading an image, a universal and understandable language for everyone.


A campaign of Direct Mobile Marketing has got as a big advantage, the possibility of transmitting short but effective communication at low cost and with a reading rate really high.

Smart Platform – through the integration of SMS Gateway and Newsletter Tool – you can exploit the two most direct communication channels currently offered by the market: SMS and Email.

But…how can you integrate the Mobile Page and go beyond 160 characters of a simple Sms?

Once the Mobile Page is ready, will be set up automatically a short-link that could be inserted in the campaign Sms, involving the users that will be encouraged to carry out an action, and generate a conversion.


Knowing the users’ behaviors on line, helps us to create campaigns more effective and guarantee the right results on the investments in advertising.

With the innovative function Analitycs, Smart Platform is enriched with a very precious feature: the opportunity to measure the users’ behaviour and find out what they really want.


The mobile phone is an extraordinary phenomenon in continuous growth showing huge profit in the business. Millions of consumers, interact with brands thanks to a mobile device that becomes the main point of contact for people.

The mobile experience is in a large scale, so each Company needs to be well organized to extend their own communication strategies to the mobile world in order to reach more qualified and demanding clients.

If you are a marketer, a professional in the communication world, a consultant, a freelance, or simply you want to run your own innovative Business, get in touch with us to start working together!

Discover Smart Platform

Get the most out of the Mobile Marketing!

Simple and fast

Thanks to the interface simple and perceptive is possible to create campaigns in few clicks with the best in matter of customization

100% Mobile-Friendly

Our Mobile Page guarantee the wider usage from ani device and mobile operative system: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Cloud Pack

Smart is reachable through a third-level domain, that can be activated on your site. Platform and Mobile Page, are found on delicate server, including all you need for the campaign.

Reliable and Safe

Our procedure of control guarantee reliability and safety. The personal date are kept safely, protected from any possible intrusion. We also guarantee, support and constant technical assistance.



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