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Our service of in Store Radio is full of design, implementation, management and diffusion of a personalized Web Radio. Ideal for companies and commercial activities looking for an innovative and flexible solution to communicate with your own clients and employees.


We study and we manage the musical playlist in harmony with the company target, updating the daily program with the best songs of the Italian and international music scene.

A music with originality in its products extend the perception of the brand to the environment offering it personality. In this way the client has got always the sensation of getting into an harmonious space through the “ brand “.

Many researches prove that an ambient music create a pleasant atmosphere and increase the stopover in the store.


All the advert are registered with the best voices of the national radio panorama. We also adapt the setting/playlist according to the season and special events (Ex: Christmas, Easter, Festival of Italian Music, etc).


The constant assistance is amongst the fundamental pillars of our in Store Radio, important to provide an excellent service and always On Air.

  • Supply of our device Hardware in each store.
  • It works even in a temporary disruption of internet connection.
  • Configuration Plug & Play easily installed from the store manager.
  • Telephone assistance before the activation and technical assistance service.

Offer your SMART IN STORE RADIO service to your Clients!

The right sound, the right spirit and the right harmony for the surroundings.

Not only Music

Besides the musical playlists and to commercial ads, we pass on hourly columns of news and entertainment of any kind.

Social Traffic

The Web Radio is a sounding board for social media useful to increase likes and followers.

Personalized Radio

You decide what to listen to, choosing more than 300 musical moods, Also without SIAE rights.



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