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The Smart Digital Signage video system create an interactive experience for the users! Animates, involve and get you closer to the Brand, improving the experience of purchase. Thanks to Smart Digital Signage is possible to show through a monitor any kind of multimedia content: video, clip, photo, audio, text, news, weather, games, surveys and interactive contents.


The management is simple and perceptive.

In our Smart Platform is possible to program contents to make them visible to the public at the right time, being able to set the passage of time on the monitors.

Our service offers endless opportunities. You can view the contents coming from the web, combine texts and descriptions to the scrolling image or is possible to use the monitor as counters for the customer shifts management as reward systems and in many other ways.


Thanks to the partnership with the best world players in terms of video, we can offer the screen that responds to the customer’s needs: from 32 inch-format to the giant screen or Video Wall of different meters.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Internet Connection
  • monitor TV with HDMI connection


You simply need to connect our modem/router via internet cable to the monitor via HDMI cable.

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Offer an interactive experience!

Simple and fast

Thanks to the simple and perceptive interface is possible to create in few click with the best in matter of customization.

Suitable for all screens

Compatible with any monitor. From the 32-inch TV to the mega screens or Video Wall.

All in one

All the contents for Smart Digital Signage are totally manageable and personalized into our Smart Platform.

Not only promotion

Besides promoting your products, it is possible to use Smart Digital Signage for information purposes such as news and videos of any kind.



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