The CIESSE COMPANY is an innovative society specialized in the Digital & Mobile Marketing industry.

It developed an evolutionary model of business thanks to the wide offer of products and services that allows to get tangible results with solutions aimed to guarantee to the companies the important and vital existence of the Digital & Mobile field.

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Thanks to CIESSE solutions, all marketers and worldwide professionals in communication will offer to the market, highly and innovative solutions in communication, promotion and loyalty, being able to improve the level of communication of your own client.

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We have created Smart Platform to make the most of the Mobile Marketing.

Thanks to Smart is possible to create Mobile Page (Landing Page 100% Mobile-Friendly) functional for all purposes. The perfect tool to reach the customer and communicate in a fast and intensive way in the smartphone era.

Simple to make with a unique design, the Mobile Page are optimized for all devices and designed to get the best and specific results: leading the customers towards the expected and best results, without dispersions, increasing the conversion rate of each campaign.

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Our Radio in Store service is complete of design, construction, management and distribution of a personalized Web Radio.

Suitable for all jobs looking for an innovative and flexible solution to communicate with their own clients and employee.

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The Digital Signage offers an interactive and an involving experience for the users!

It excites, improves the purchase experience and the user gets closer to the brand thanks to the video systems installed into the commercial activity.

With Smart Digital Signage, is also possible to show any type of multimedia content: video, clip, photo, audio, text, news, weather, games, surveys and interactive content.

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A WiFi Hotspot became an important tool for any kind of business. Providing free internet to the users it is not only a cost, but it can offer many benefits.

Thanks to Smart WiFi, it is possible to obtain the data inserted by the users during authentication to expand its own contact database to use for all campaigns.

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